Les indigènes de la 709

Collectif de défense contre les nuisances de la base aérienne 709 de Cognac


Déterminer la nature des vols et des nuisances

It is possible to determine, either live or delayed, the origin of annoyances over your area, using flight tracking web sites. We show below how this may be done.

In case you are not able to use efficeintly these stes, a BA709.FR correspondant may help you determine the origin of your problems. Contact in this case Dominique Bussy on this email: domvalge.709@orange.fr.


Live tracking

Web site https://globe.adsbexchange.com allows to visualise all flights and their trajectory.

- Check "U" to filter military flights only
- Check "T" to visualize trajectories
- Check "M" to visualize all trajectories simultaneously
- In settings (gear icon) check "metrics" to visualize altimetric in meters

Please note that a plane trajectory will only be visible when the plane itself is shwon on the map. So, you may have to unzoom the map (click on "-") to vsuaize the trajectory when the plane has left you area.

Clicking on the plane of interest will open a left side information bix. You may read there the real time flight characteristics. In particular, you get there the type of plane which is, for Cognac base, mainly Pilatus PC-21 (PC21) and Grob-120 (G120). A right side panel shows the "Callsign", which is the temporary identity for the flight.

Unrolling the "History" menu in the left panel opens the possibility to get, when clicking on the plane trajectory, the corresponding time and flight conditions.



Delayed tracking

Were you outdoors when you experience heavy annoyances ? It is possible to determine a posteriori the origin of such trouble, using web site https://www.ads-b.nl .

- Select "Movements" > "Bases" > "Europe" > "France" > "Cognac Chateaubernard"

- Select "5 days", "10 days", "1 month" or a peculair date

- A panel shows, for each day, every military flights. Clicking the symbol in the "Map" column will show a simplified trajectory of the flight. Clicking on the red symbol shows the take off time, and the green one the landing time. The "Callsign" is the flight identity which, together with the date, allows to identify the flight.


For a given flight, you may obtain the flight altitudes, which allows to determine the kind of training. This may be done on the web site https://fr.flightaware.com .

- Type the flight "Callsign" in the search window

- In the panel below the map, click on the flight of interest (a simiar "Callsign" may point to flights at different dates)

- The site shows the flight trajectory, as well as the altimetric profile for it.