Les indigènes de la 709

Collective defense action against air base 709 nuisances


In an interview to the magazin Zadig (may 26), the french President evokes the rurality in France, and declares "I love Lot, Figeac, Cahors", where he finds a "form of happy rurality". We find here the opportunity to put a question to him.

Here is the message sent to the presidence, and we will communicate the answer given to it.


Mister President,

You declared to the magazin Zadig that you love "the lot, Figeac, Cahors", where you find "a form of happy rurality". You may have added as well the sweet Charente, which borders them, the Poitou, which leads there...

We too love them, and this is why the devastation brought for one year now by the military base 709 and its pilot school, recently brought from Tours, are so unbearable to us. We are many who would like to animate these rural territories , but our love for them may well not resist to the handicap which now affects them.

By claiming a european military cooperation, that is grabed by the air headquarters to form as many pilots as they can, using fewer bases, without caring to expose any impact study, which no politician requires, I dare to think that you too contributed to this announced disaster.

So, mister President, we would like your declaration to go along with love proofs, by requiring from the army strong and practical measures to restore calm and quietness in these territitories beloved by all of us. http://ba709.fr

Answer from presidence