Les indigènes de la 709

Collective defense action against air base 709 nuisances


- Tips to make a sound video -


Making a video that truly describes an coustic ambiance is not at all easy. Below are a few tips to do so.

If you find it too difficult to make your own video, we can integrate a shot made using the free app "Smarter Noise", to be downloaded on your smartphone.
To do so, record your environment, preferably showing houses, with the noise level superimposed by the app. (select the high quality video in the parameters menu).
Send us the video, and we will integrate it to a film.


What you should avoid to do:

- Comment the video while you record

As you are very close to the microphone, this is a bit like asking someone to listen to the ambiance, while you talk to this person's ear: your comments will cover the ambiance.

- Record close to a fountain or any other close noise

As above, these noises will cover the ambiance

- Record the ambiance only, and boost it afterwards

It is always possible to amplify an acoustic ambiance, using some video software. This will not be, however, convincing: your audience needs an acoustic reference, which allows to evaluate the impact. This reference must be familiar, like someone talking at some distance from you.

- Use an inappropriate smartphone: cheap smartphones will usually record sound cheaply !


What you should try to do:

- Record someone who will comment the situation, at some distance from you, with planes in the background. The speaker should leave some silent slots, so that the ambiance can be heard alone.

- Incorporate some zoomed sequences, where one can see the movements of the planes.

- Make the video using several shots. If you are happy enough to "benefit" from 2 hours long annoyance, comment each sequence, indicating for instance that half an hour has elapsed, then one hour, etc... Some humour will not spoil your demonstration at all.

- If you feel you can do it, edit your video with over-titles using a video software. There are easy to use and free ones, like "Shotcut". Think about asking help to younger ones, who often handle these tools much better than we do. If you send us a video composed of several sequences, we can edit it for you if you cannot use such tools.

Carefully observe this video: you will see how the above principles are used. Do not hesite to make several tries: you cannot become a movie professionnal at first shot !