May 2020 - May 2021 (Pilatus PC-21)


A specific impact on a 10x10 km2 area may be computed: contact us



2021 - Semester 2 - Pilatus PC-21

• Fleet: 17 planes

• Used area: 12 000 km2 in 20 sectors

• Ocean use ratio: 5 %

• Number of flights: 1230 (one or several take-off in the day)

• Average plane number on busy days: 10.5

• Average flown days per week: 4.5

BA709.FR comments:

A slight improvment for the ocean use off Hourtin, and an increase of flights around islands, passing over La Rochelle airport, going back to Cognac base through marais rochefortais or Gironde estuary. Ocean use remains however marginal (5% of all flights). Slight extension to Dordogne, along the axis Angoulême-Figeac (a few %), as well as south of Nantes, Angers, south of Saumur. The impacted area is however essentially unchanged, as compared to past 12 months.


2021 - Semester 2 - Grob 120

• Fleet: 18 planes

• Used area: 2500 km2

• Ocean use ration: 0 %

• Number of flights: 903 (one or several take-off in the day)

• Average plane number on busy days: 6.9

• Average flown days per week: 5.5

BA709.FR comments:

Used over territories 4 times smaller, for a number of flights only 25% less numerous, grob 120 produce as much annoyances, if not more, than Pilatus PC-21. Though they are used for the first selection phase, which involves a large amount of acrobatics, no training is performed over the ocean. These trainings are less spread than Pilatus ones, with a noticeable concentration in the south and north-east of Angouleme. Grob 120 will soon be replaced by new models, and it is considered to opt for Pilatus PC-9.